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Get ready for a Flying Sports Car! Switchblade ready's for 1st Flight
Just in case you missed coming by our booth at Oshkosh this year, thought you'd better at least have an update on the progress we have made since last year's AirVenture. After five years of design and engineering, we are getting very close to flying!

Samson Motors continues to march forward in its bid to develop the first ‘flying sports car’. Over the past several years the Switchblad... Read More
Lancaster Airport to Host FMA Fly-In MusicJam September 12-13
August 5, 2014: Fort Worth, TX: The Flying Musicians Association (FMA) and the Lancaster Airport Authority, in cooperation with Fiorentino's Italian Restaurant & Bar and the Civil Air Patrol - Jesse Jones Composite Squadron 304 are excited to announce a Fly-In MusicJam at Lancaster Airport on Friday and Saturday, September 12 & 13. This two-day event is geared to inspire, educate and encourage...... Read More
BUSH FLYING: First in a fantastic series!
OSHKOSH, WI: Supersonic Productions has unveiled the first in its Excellent Aviator series of exciting and informative shows on DVD, BUSH FLYING.

The all-original footage was filmed in Alaska, and features renowned bush pilots Bob and Bobby Breeden, Vern Kingsford, and others, who share what it’s like to make a living flying among the boulders and mountains, sandbars and fjords that ... Read More
Concorde Battery Hosts Aerobatic Superstar Skip Stewart at Airventure Booth 2053 - Hangar B
Concorde Battery Corporation is pleased to host Aerobatic Superstars throughout this year’s EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Please join us for daily “Meet and Greet” opportunities with Aerobatics’ biggest names and have a personalized poster signed.

Saturday, August 2 Skip Stewart 10:00-10:45 AM

The world’s best aerobatic performers fly with Concorde RG® Series batteries and trus... Read More
Concorde Battery Releases AC & DC Powered Heated RG® Series Batteries
Cold temperatures increase the internal resistance which decreases a battery’s capacity and slows the battery’s ability to accept charge current. For years, operators in cold climates have made it a practice to endure the inconvenience of removing batteries from aircraft, transporting and storing them in a heated environment, then reinstalling prior to departure. Some also use external heater b...... Read More
Aviation Insurance FAQ: When will I receive my quote?
Reasons to fly vary from pilot to pilot. Some are currently involved in an aviation career or working towards one. Some enjoy how aviation makes the world around them shrink, traveling to new destinations at any moment they get. Others enjoy the view from above flying near their airport on beautiful mornings. The aircraft used in these situations vary just as much as the pilots do; as will thei...... Read More
BERINGER AERO: New Wheels, Brakes, Concepts, Solutions
The most significant breakthrough in tailwheel handling since the skid went away:
At BERINGER AERO’s press conference at Airventure Oshkosh on Wednesday afternoon, the press were able to see a spread of new wheel and brake products, from the world’s lightest 4” main wheel with brake, to an 8” wheel and brake for aircraft – including turboprops and jets – to 6000 pounds, to a 6” wheel for pop... Read More
Concorde Battery Hosts Gene Soucy & Teresa Stokes at Airventure Booth 2053 on August 1
Wingwalker Teresa Stokes and Aerobatic Pilot Gene Soucy are hosted by Concorde Battery Corporation – Airventure Booth 2053 on Friday, August 1, 2014.
Please join us at 2:00 pm for a “Meet and Greet” and have a personalized poster signed.

Friday, August 1 Gene Soucy & Teresa Stokes 2:00-2:45 PM

Saturday, August 2 Skip Stewart 10:00-10:45 AM

...... Read More
Concorde Battery Drop in Replacement STCs for Embraer 500 and 505
Phenom 100 (EMB 500) and Phenom 300 (EMB 505) operators are currently getting less than desired life out of their original equipment batteries and complaining of increased battery maintenance. To satisfy customer demands, Concorde developed FAA STCs SA01633WI and SA01703WI for drop in replacements with Concorde Sealed Lead Acid batteries. STC SA01633WI for the Phenom 100 replaces two 27 Ah lead...... Read More
The Facts about Aircraft Insurance Deductibles
When shopping for any medium of insurance, deductibles tend to be a top concern. Most insurance policies, whether for your car or medical insurance, contain some sort of deductible. Aircraft insurance policies can contain deductibles, too, but can be handled in a way that is different than the other policies you may be used to.

Fact 1: There is no such thing as a hidden deductible. Read More

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