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Elite Pilot Services / Advanced Flight Dynamics authorized to offer Jet Upset Prevention and Recovery Training
Advanced Flight Dynamics (AFD), based at Redmond, OR, a division of the Redmond based Elite Pilot Services, announces the issuance of an FAA Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) which permits them to perform Jet Upset Prevention and Recovery Training in their two (formerly military) Fouga Magister Jet aircraft and Xtreme Decathlon Aerobatic trainer. Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, or UPRT provides a way to train pilots, who may lack any previous aerobatic or military training, how to recover from inadvertent loss of control due to disorientation, weather events, or inadvertent aerodynamic stalls.
Although designed primarily for corporate, charter, and private jet pilots, any pilot can benefit from UPRT, and all pilots are welcome into the program.
The Advanced Flight Dynamics conducted UPRT has also been added to the Aviation Curriculum at Central Oregon Community College. COCC students receive 14 hours of ground school and nine flights in the Xtreme Decathlon. These flights are filmed, allowing students to watch their flight and their performance, aiding in critiquing, training and learning. The COCC course is taught by Chief Flight Instructor Mike Kloch, who is a former U.S.M.C. F/A-18 fighter pilot and combat veteran with advanced training in Aviation Safety. This training is a very unique feature for a Community College aviation program with a goal of achieving a higher level of safety through advanced training.

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AFD has a variety of UPRT courses available, as well as offering aerobatic, spin, formation and Fouga type rating training. EPS is the official training organization for Lancair and specializes in E-AB aircraft. Contact: Mike Kloch, Advanced Flight Dynamics,701 Salmon Avenue, Redmond, Oregon 97756 David Robinson, Elite Pilot Services, 701 Salmon Ave, Redmond, Oregon 97756 ph. (541)-604-2331
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