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Lynk Remote Technologies Offers Connected Hangar Solution “HangarBot”Control, automate and secure hangars using a mobile app as the remote control -No WiFi required
Oshkosh, Wisconsin — July 24, 2018 — Lynk Remote Technologies, Inc. ( today unveiled the commercial ready HangarBot suite of products at EAA Airventure Oshkosh and will be on display for a live demonstration from July 23-29, 2018. HangarBot products deliver a connected hangar experience for those who rent, own or manage hangars to control, automate and secure hangars remotely via iOS devices. The product suite consists of the HangarBot Hub, Door Controller, 110 V Outlet, and Door Sensor, each sold separately, allowing users to customize based on their needs.

The HangarBot Hub has several features, including an HD video camera for 24/7 video surveillance, motion sensor, temperature sensor, and can serve as a WiFi hotspot. Using the HangarBot app, users can set the HangarBot Hub to send notifications via email or text message when motion is detected or a change of environment takes place, allowing users to monitor hangar activity from anywhere in the world. The Hub is easily installed to the interior of a hangar using industrial grade magnets (included) or can be mounted using a mounting kit. EAA AirVenture attendees who purchase on site at the HangarBot booth, located in Hangar D booth number 4087, will receive a $200.00 discount on the Hub.

The HangarBot Door Controller allows users who have an open, close, stop hangar door to conveniently operate a hangar door remotely via the HangarBot app. The Door Controller can be preset to open under certain conditions such as, when a user enters or leaves a preset proximity of the hangar or set to a specific time, allowing for a more convenient and controlled hangar management experience.

The HangarBot 110 V Outlet offers users the ability to turn on or off anything plugged into the HangarBot Outlet via the HangarBot app. With a robust 16 amp maximum, the outlet is perfect for heavy electrical loads. The Outlet is unique in that it offers two way communication. Once a user sends an on or off command through the app, the HangarBot Hub and Outlet will communicate back and send a confirmation message informing the user the action has been completed, making it ideal for common aviation uses such as controlling an engine block heater remotely. Users can have up to 100 HangarBot Outlets for each HangarBot Hub in a hangar.

When the HangarBot Door Sensor is installed, users can see the status of a hangar door and determine if the door is open or closed via the mobile app, at any time. The door sensor is easily installed and is an ideal solution to monitor hangar, entry and exit doors, interior cabinets or storage boxes containing valuables such as tools and equipment.

The HangarBot solution is specifically designed to work in remote locations and comes with three cost efficient cellular data plan options with no set up or cancellation fees allowing users the flexibility to scale up or down based on their unique needs month by month. There are three data allowance packages starting at $15.00 per month. “Hangar users and pilots have on the go lifestyles and unique needs. We are excited to offer HangarBot as a flexible and practical solution that meets the needs of hangar users.” says HangarBot’s inventor and President of Lynk Remote Technologies, Inc., Morgan Walker. Once a HangarBot user is registered with an account, the lowest level data plan is activated and users can log into their account on and adjust or cancel the monthly data plan at any time.

“Having HangarBot in my hangar has been a game changer. Now, I have more control and insight into what is happening in my hangar at all times, giving me peace of mind and flexibility. The added capabilities of remotely controlling access to my hangar provides a new level of convenience. Now, no matter where I am, I can easily give maintenance crews access to my hangar.” says Diana Towne, a HangarBot user in San Diego, California. With HangarBot, it is easy to control and monitor the hangar environment, 24/7.

HangarBot products is available now in the United States with a MSRP of:
HangarBot Hub - $699.00 USD
HangarBot Door Controller - $250.00 USD
HangarBot Outlet - $ 60.00 USD
HangarBot Door Sensor - $40.00 USD

HangarBot offers data plans begin at $15.00 USD per month, with no activation or cancellation fees.

Lynk Remote Technologies will be demonstrating HangarBot in Hangar D Booth 4087 at EAA AirVenture from July 23-29, 2018. For more information about HangarBot please visit

Lynk Remote Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2014 and is a privately funded company specializing in mobile application development, Internet of Things (IoT) and remote aviation hangar management and automation solutions. Lynk Remote Technologies has produced mobile applications connecting hardware and software experiences for some of the world’s largest consumer brands.

Press Contact:
Caroline Walker


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